This is a Consultancy that prides itself as working with Clients and providing good efficient service with a quality expected of a larger Consultancy.

The Companies motto, Key Partners in Your Team, strikes the ethos that is behind the aims of the SPF team. Over the years we have provided continued support to Clients and Contractors due to the efforts and results afforded them by SPF. These ongoing relationships are testimony of the works undertaken and the results that come from the efforts and input of the team.

Over the 20+ years that we have been operating we have had major Tier 1 Contractors and supported smaller Subcontractors through the Contractual intricacies that rise within a Project. Not only have we assisted in a Project but have also helped adapt working practices to provide improved services.

Improve Cashflow

Increase Recovery

Commercial Opportunity

Communicate with the team and your client

Reduce Risk

Recover Control of Project